Ralph Rubio opened his first taco stand in 1983, serving the fish tacos he'd come to love while surfing in Baja. The recipe is simple: take a soft corn tortilla, add a piece of beer-batter fried fresh fish (Alaskan Pollock in this case), and top with chopped cabbage, salsa, and a white sauce. Rubio's tacos were an instant hit, and there now are 190 Rubio's in four states. The quality remains the same, though the menu has expanded to include grilled fish tacos, seafood burritos, salads, and beef and chicken options. You could order one or two tacos alone, but might as well go all the way and get a plate with two tacos, beans, rice, and chips, and add other flavors from the red and green options at the salsa bar. Rubio's first stand near Mission Bay is small and parking is limited, but it's still a favorite with old-timers. One of the other 20 larger locations, including Point Loma, Pacific Beach, Coronado, La Jolla, Mission Valley, and PETCO Park, may be more convenient.