This modest family-run Japanese restaurant has been serving a small menu of favorites for decades, long before Japanese cuisine became standard fare. Early on, choices were limited to crunchy sesame chicken, veggie tempura, teriyaki, udon, and other basics, plus the largest, most reasonably priced plate of impeccably fresh tuna sashimi possible. They added a sushi bar a few years back and expanded the menu, but regulars (including lots of attorneys, doctors, and laborers) still go for the daily specials with miso soup, simple lettuce salad, bean sprouts and rice. Slick Formica tables are set slightly askew (watch your teacups slide), and some booths are separated by screens, but I like the tables by the kitchen where I can watch waitresses in kimonos bowing constantly as they deliver meals. The restaurant sits in a reasonably-sized parking lot with absolutely no visual attributes, but the chorus of "thank you very much" from every worker in the place will leave you smiling as you head for your car.