This hotel has just as much funky character and personality as San Francisco itself. Wild colorful murals cover the lobby, employees wear their own clothes instead of uniforms, the bathrobes are zebra-printed, and the evening wine reception features poetry and tarot card readings. (Don’t drink wine? Your freebies are the fresh baked cookies that are served every afternoon at 3pm.) Using bright colors and an eclectic collection of furniture, the Triton, which changed owners in 2015, does a good job making you forget that the rooms are a little small and the bathrooms are tiny. Entertainers such as Kathy Griffin and Jerry Garcia designed a few specialty rooms, complete with original watercolors painted by the late great Garcia. Another specialty room has a Häagen-Dazs ice cream theme, including a custom-designed ice cream cabinet filled with pints in an assortment of flavors. Dogs are not only welcomed, but also greeted with a message board announcing their arrival, and offered spa treatments. The location, on the border of chic Union Square and historic Chinatown, is also a draw at this vibrant hotel. On one side you have the upscale luxury shops and trendy restaurants of the world famous Union Square neighborhood; on the other, you’ll find old men mixing ancient recipes with Chinese herbs, simple noodle shops and tea stands through the gates and under the red lanterns of old Chinatown.