The main reason to love the Hotel Zoe is that it delivers a high standard for a moderate price, and the fact it was fully refurbished in 2017 (it was once the older-fashioned Tuscan Inn) means it's one of the newest choices in the area; it really does look like the pictures on its site. Rooms are modern and inoffensively grey—some would say sleek—with very good Wi-Fi, and they are designed to have more style (backlighting, mirrors as features) than the corporate standard of the busy Sheraton across the way. Some cheaper rooms are on the courtyard, but that's been considerately gussied up with an 8-foot sculpture, so staying on it doesn't feel like a punishment. The management, too, is attentive, but not in your face—again, this is moderate, not true luxury. It's two streets back from the clamor of Fisherman's Wharf, which means you get the foggy atmosphere of being near the water without the crowds and honky-tonk right outside your window, and the more authentic appeal of North Beach is just a few blocks south of you. The nearby Bay and Taylor Street cable car turnaround, much less crowded than the one at the Wharf, can get you to Market Street in good time, too, and failing that, the F tram meanders all the way to the Castro from near here. Resort fee warning: Unfortunately, it charges an extra $22 a day on top of the regular rate and calls it an "Urban fee," so factor in that big hidden fee before deciding whether to book.