Welcome to the unofficial rock-and-roll sleeping hall of fame, where the likes of Moby, Joan Jett, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers crashed when it first opened decades ago. Stay here and you just may sleep in the room that was once accidentally assigned (simultaneously) to both Debbie Harry and JFK, Jr., unbeknownst to them. As this book goes to press, a gradual renovation is slated to begin early 2018, but we expect rooms to stay colorful (and a little noisy); all face the pool in the courtyard where visiting entertainers, bands, and regular guests gather around to swim and swap stories around the fire pits. Chambers, the ultra-cool bar and restaurant, is also a big draw for guests and locals. Funky mid-century furnishings, walls of vintage records, and sexy corners and booths recall a hip L.A. vibe. Added perk: Guests get free weekday passes to Kabuki Springs & Spa—check the Kabuki website to see which days are co-ed or restricted to men- or women-only.