Superior service, stately environs, an abundance of amenities, and the Ritz reputation make this luxury stalwart the premier choice for most dignitaries and celebrities since its 1991 opening. The entrance may be understated, but it leads to grand rooms, including one of the top spots to have tea in the city (a great way to visit if a stay isn’t in your budget). Rooms are spacious and well appointed, although bathrooms in some of the smaller accommodations are surprisingly basic. Guest amenities include a fitness center, spa, and an indoor pool. Their flagship restaurant, once formal, has been overhauled to become Parallel 37, a relaxed, bistro-chic dining room presided over by well-known city chef Ron Siegel, who serves top-notch contemporary American cuisine. The Lounge is where you’ll find that legendary afternoon tea. (If you’re here for the holidays with a tot in tow and have money to burn, don’t miss the teddy bear tea.)