This sublime, vast, one-of-a-kind bar and restaurant is the pinnacle of fabulous classic San Francisco kitsch. Every half-hour in this dim, Polynesian-themed fantasia, decorated with rocks and 12-foot tikis, lightening strikes, thunder rolls in, and rain falls above the pond in the middle of it all (once the hotel’s indoor pool). If you’re lucky, you’ll be here late enough to see the band playing on a raft right in the middle of the thing. Yes, it’s gimmicky and yes, you’ll pay a lot for a cocktail here, but it’s pure fun anyway. During happy hour (Wed–Fri 5–7pm), there’s a list of strong, tropical drinks sold at a discount, and if you throw down just $10 you get unleashed on a heat-lamp-lit buffet of egg rolls and other grub, served beneath the rigging on the deck of an imaginary ship. There’s a full menu, too, but people tend to take advantage of that later in the night.