Housed in a heritage building in the heart of SoMa, a few minutes’ walk from MoMa and other cultural attractions, Benu is one of the world’s rare three-Michelin-star restaurants. Although it has no dress code, no tablecloths, and no stuffy servers, it is unquestionably a luxury culinary adventure, with all that that entails: more courses than you can count, bite-size servings, custom-created porcelain, wine pairings (if desired; there’s an $80 corkage fee if you BYOB), and a $285 charge per person, plus 20% service charge. If you’re a fan of this type of dining, you won’t be disappointed by the culinary wizardry of chef/owner Corey Lee (formerly of the famed French Laundry). Lee’s eclectic menu might include such wildly creative choices as potato salad with anchovy; thousand-year-old quail egg with ginger and nasturtium; monkfish liver on brioche; or salt and pepper squid—none of which look like they sound. Lee excels at daring combinations such as faux shark-fin soup with black truffle custard, or charcoal-grilled lamb belly with quinoa, pear, and sunflower. Plan to spend upwards of 3 hours basking in a top-quality dining experience in minimalist, serene surroundings. Note: Young children not allowed unless they “partake in the tasting menu.”