Despite the perpetual line to get in, this is one of my favorite restaurants—its authentic Burmese cuisine is just that good. So do what we do: Either arrive 15 minutes before the place opens to be seated first, or leave your cellphone number with the host and browse the interesting shops on Clement Street until they give you a jingle. Once you’re seated in the somewhat loud, upbeat dining room, the menu may at first seem baffling, as Burmese food is influenced by so many other cuisines: Indian, Chinese, Laotian, Thai. Trust me: It’s all good. Don’t miss the tea leaf salad or the fried yellow-bean tofu appetizers—dishes you may swear you could live on—then try the clay-pot chicken, chili lamb with coconut rice, or any of the curries. If you don’t want to wait, the waiter may direct you to their sister restaurant down the street. It’s not as good and the atmosphere is so-so, but it serves many of the same items (and has fantastic happy-hour food prices).