Coi (pronounced “kwa”), meaning tranquil, this intimate beacon of refinery on bawdy Broadway offers one of the city’s best and most famous iterations dedicated to haute cuisine with molecular gastronomy influence. A tiny spot divided into two wood-on-wood dining rooms that feel somewhere between a luxury double-wide and a modern cabin—in a good way—it’s the place to experience the elegant, creative cooking of self-taught two-Michelin-star–ranked chef Daniel Patterson, whose attention to detail and strive for perfection is unparalleled. Each evening Coi offers only one tasting menu with 8 to 11 courses based on what is fresh and available. Selections might include grilled oyster seaweed bread, charcoal roasted beets with blackberry, Dungeness crab soup, salted marrow fat and arugula; a chilled yellow squash soup with saffron, lime and nasturtium; a gently steamed wild kind salmon, stuffed with morels, peas and sorrel; and whipped coconut olive oil, rhubarb and blood orange to finish. Brilliant wine pairings are an additional $105 per person.