If you’re looking for a seafood restaurant, this dramatically decorated, festive restaurant is one of your best bests. Even before looking at the menu, you’ll get the point; Giant jellyfish lamps float overhead from the arched, mosaic ceiling, tentacles dangling, lighting the way to your table. Kelp columns in amber hues rise from the floor, amidst 8-foot sea urchins and a giant clamshell. The underwater theme is everywhere, but in the most stunning, artistic way. Owner/designer Pat Kuleto and owner/chef Mark Franz (who are also both behind seafood shrine Waterbar) worked together to create a unique underwater fantasy in the former Elks Club building. Food sticks to the sea, too. Picks might range from petrale sole with caviar butter to grilled Georges bank diver scallops (a melt-in-your-mouth treat). But some offerings come from land, too, such as the petite filet of beef with red wine risotto in a pinot noir reduction. Desserts, like the bittersweet chocolate fudge bar or the salted peanut caramel sundae, also rate.