A poster child for the gestalt of the San Francisco restaurant scene, large and airy Nopa combines seasonal “urban rustic” and “organic wood-fired” cuisine, served in high-ceilinged industrial-chic environs with a hopping bar scene. Make a reservation well in advance or wait to pounce on a barstool or a seat at the big, first-come-first-served communal table. You’ll enjoy artisan libations, one of the city’s best grass-fed burgers, and plenty of veggie-, meat-, and fish-centric dishes that celebrate the region’s bounty. Don’t worry—the rather precious “taste from the kitchen” (perhaps a single radish with salt or some other tease) isn’t indicative of the regular portions, which are hearty. Another reason to visit: It’s in an up-and-coming stretch of the city rarely explored by tourists, conveniently near The Independent, where, if you’re lucky, you can catch an awesome live show.