After a night on the town, visitors and locals looking for mouth-watering, cheap Mexican food walk, stagger, stumble, and shuffle into this tiny Mission taqueria, open nightly until the wee hours. Green, yellow, and red plastic cut-outs cover the ceiling; beer flags, guitars, and the Virgin Mary hang on bright yellow walls—and the clientele is as decorated and colorful as the restaurant, ranging from hipsters sporting seriously complex tattoos to slightly tipsy button-down finance guys. When you grab a table, chances are the previous diner’s yellow plastic food basket will still be sitting there—you’ll wait a long time for someone to clear it; just take a seat and push it aside. If the line to order is long, don’t worry, it moves quickly; this place is used to crowds. No wonder—the food is delicious. The Carne Asada Super Burrito for $9 is huge, juicy, and full of flavor, its steak charred to perfection. What a surprise—they only take cash. No reservations.