Marijuana culture is alive and well, if not totally transformed, in the city long known for counterculture. No San Francisco cannabis dispensary better proves the point than this swank Mission District spot. There’s everything you can imagine and more to choose from, but what makes this dispensary really stand out is the luxurious layout, which looks more like a steakhouse than a smokehouse. Some people come to buy and bolt; others come to linger and “partake” on a barstool or at one of the banquettes. Note: Until the city works out how to enact the retail part of California’s 2018 pot legalization, you’ll still need a medical marijuana card to gain entrance and to make a purchase, but if you’re determined and have $100 to spend, cards are relatively easy to get—and fast. Just search online for a local option. Open daily 8:30am–9:30pm.