More than just a store, New People is a $15-million complex dedicated to modern Japanese culture, both its Zen side and its over-the-top anime wackiness. In the basement, a THX-certified theater showcases Japanese cinema; the other floors (there are five altogether) feature a nail salon, a crumpet and tea shop (skip it—it’s expensive and service is uneven), a boutique dedicated to cute gadget cases, two clothing stores, and more. The fashion stores carry items you likely won’t find anywhere else in North America, like Lolita clothes (dresses for grown women made to look like toddler outfits—don’t ask) and Sou Sou shoes, the classic form-fitting Japanese shoes with an indent between the big toe and the rest of the toes, here produced in all sorts of wacky, modern patterns. Open Monday to Saturday noon to 7pm and Sunday noon to 6pm.