This museum is as quirky as the woman it honors, a trailblazer who assumed political power in 1946 and kept it through 1968, playing a hand in the astounding modernization and transformation of San Juan, the city she ruled as mayor, and the rest of Puerto Rico. The museum has many photographs, and other documents, charting her remarkable life and showing her with U.S. and world leaders as well as world-renowned artists. “Dona Fela” is remembered as an almost mythical figure—she had frozen snow brought to San Juan to celebrate Christmas—and the rooms are filled her furniture, gowns, hand-fans, headdresses and other treasured possessions, which bear testament to her good taste. But the heart of the exhibits are those that show her empathetic touch with the city's poor. Felisa Rincon was a serious leader with solid record of accomplishment, and that comes through. You'll pass by some of Old San Juan's greatest treasuries, the historic San Juan Gate and the San Juan Cathedral among others, to come to this little museum, but you won't see the best the city has to offer until you step inside.