This 27-acre (11-hectare) park, frequently confused with Luis Muñoz Marín Park (see above), is a green rectangle in the middle of Puerta de Tierra. You’ll drive by the seaward-facing park on your way to San Juan. It was built 50 years ago to honor Luis Muñoz Rivera, the Puerto Rican statesman, journalist, and poet. It’s filled with picnic areas, wide walks, shady trees, landscaped grounds, and recreational areas. There’s a children’s playground that’s filled with fun on weekends. Its centerpiece, El Pabellon de la Paz, is sometimes used for cultural events and expositions of handicrafts. A new pedestrian and bicycle path connects the park with the oceanfront Tercer Milenio, or Third Millennium Park, across Avenida Muñoz Rivera. The Commonwealth Supreme Court is located at the eastern side of the park.