This small museum, at the University of Puerto Rico's main campus, makes a big impression with its broad-ranging Caribbean archeology collection and riveting works by Puerto Rican artists. It “Mona Lisa” is Francisco's Oller's “El Velorio,” an 8-foot by 13 foot painting created in 1893 and depicting a wake at a rural island home; the painting has become emblematic of country living on the island. The museum's permanent collection has paintings, drawings, and prints from island and international artists, as well as sculpture, examples of popular art, historic documents, and artifacts. The whole she-bang is housed in a building designed in 1951 by architect Henry Klumb, one of a wave of international architects who came to the island to help build a modern Puerto Rico, mostly through public building commissions. Klumb, whose work is marked by open spaces and simple geometric patterns, won numerous commissions for the UPR.