A tourist trap for sure, but not such a bad spot to get stuck for a while. Popular with fun-seeking cruise ship passengers on day trips, Barrachina has an indoor-outdoor layout recalling the fountain-dotted courtyard of a Latin American village. Touches of Spain are thrown in for good measure, including paella on the menu and a live flamenco floor show.

(Credit: Discover Puerto Rico)

The best reason to visit, though, is advertised on the large stone plaque out front. Text in Spanish and English heralds the place as "The House Where in 1963 the Piña Colada Was Created by Don Ramon Portas Mingot.” The Caribe Hilton hotel across town begs to differ, claiming to have invented the beloved cocktail several years before.

Setting aside the origins dispute, Barrachina's piña colada is a refreshing, unique, and fruit-forward take on the drink, with a lot of pineapple and only a little coconut cream combined in a slush that's poured over Don Q Gold rum. The frozen concoction is served in a milkshake glass with a little umbrella, Love Boat style.