This mansion–turned–restaurant, on the Condado Lagoon, offers tasty reinventions of Puerto Rican dishes, with a menu as bold as its colorful interior. Chef Roberto Trevino's take on the cuisine of his adopted island home is less an homage to the classics than fresh creations inspired by the comida criolla palette. That means risotto with fried chicken chunks and roast pork in chimichurri sauce, or bouillabaisse criollo, a flavorful sweet tomato seafood stew of fresh cod, monkfish, shrimp, crawfish, clams, and mussels and served with grilled baguette. The filet mignon, in an aged rum sauce with vegetable caviar, is another inspired mash-up. Some of the best appetizers stick closer to the Puerto Rican playbook, like roast pork croquettes, acalpurrias stuffed with ropa vieja, and fried fresh fish bites with spicy lemon sauce. The sangria is unique and delicious and the red velvet cake perfectly executed. Tip: Try to get a seat overlooking the lagoon.