The dining room is the closest the Caribe Hilton compound gets to a Zen meditation temple—guests eat pond side in the midst of outdoor tropical gardens, with the singing tree frogs overhead. It’s perfect for a romantic night out (have dinner with friends or the kids elsewhere). The Asian Latino fusion thing is so often done badly, but the mix is smooth here and many of the dishes sing, including the salmon and asparagus in ginger cream sauce and the skirt steak over miso and scallion risotto. You’ll do better with the Asian entrees rather than the uninspired Latino ones (like the tamarind ribs). In fact, appetizers are much more adventurous than main courses, with Vietnamese fajitas, curry rice calamari, and tempura artichokes among the meal's high points. So you might consider making a meal entirely of starters. Also on site: a modern, elegant bar with champagne lounge. Warning: Service can be very slow.