This big, loud Puerto Rican steakhouse offers huge platters of grilled meat, friendly service, and, often, live music. Born in the mountain town of Barranquitas, Vaca Brava brought its countryside aesthetic to the city with jibaro cowboys and cowgirls with big smiles serving the meals. There are individual steak, chicken, rib, and other dishes, but the place's fame rests on its grilled-meat platters for groups, like the Totem de la Vaca, which is flank steak rolled around chicken breast, then wrapped in bacon and covered with cheese or BBQ sauce (don’t think about the calorie count, just order and enjoy), or the Totem de la Chillo, which is red snapper stuffed with steak and served with chimichurri sauce over a bed of mofongo. The huge dining room tables in the spacious spot are also made for groups, and you can order a mini-keg of Medalla, the local beer, to wash it all back. Head here when you're in the mood for loud fun.