One of the Cape’s best-preserved historic homes, Hoxie House, circa 1675, is the oldest house on Cape Cod that is open for visitors to tour. It was the home of the town’s second minister, Rev. John Smith, who lived here with his wife, Susanna, and their 13(!) children. It is named for Abraham Hoxie, a Sandwich whaling captain, who purchased it in the 1850s. The house was lived in by families up until the 1950s without electricity, central heating, or plumbing, so its authenticity was never “ruined” by those modern conveniences. It is decorated with a few choice pieces appropriate to the period so visitors can see more precisely how its early occupants lived. Nearby is the Dexter Grist Mill, one of the earliest water mill sites in the country, worth a look to see how they did it in the olden days. You can take away a bag of freshly ground cornmeal for $5.