What do a converted church, a pink “painted lady” Victorian rectory, and a 19th-century Greek revival house have in common? They all make up the lodging accommodations of the unique Belfry Inn in Sandwich center. The converted church, called the Abbey, makes full winking use of its dramatic space, using an elaborate stained glass window as a headboard, for example, and intricate gothic woodwork as room accents; its six rooms, which have vaulted ceilings and two-person whirlpool bathtubs, are decorated in a dark and bolder palette than the rooms in the other two buildings. (The church also is home to the acclaimed Belfry Bistro.) The 11 rooms in the Victorian are more feminine, relying on pastels and a crisper look. The third inn building, called the Village House, offers more casual accommodations and, for the most part, smaller and less expensive rooms. It has a long porch extending across the front of the building with rocking chairs positioned perfectly for guests to watch the world going by.