It's easy to spot this unassuming taco stand—it's the teal-trimmed white shack with a constant line out the door. Owner Isidoro Gonzalez opened in 1980 and has been serving up fresh, delicious, and cheap authentic Mexican dishes ever since. As you stand in the inevitable line, watch the grainy corn tortillas being made behind the counter and peruse the blackboard menu and specials. You'll rub elbows with local laborers, office workers, tourists, students, Montecito mavens, and the occasional celeb—the late Julia Child was a fan when she lived nearby, and David Crosby has been known to stop in. Have a seat on the fiberglass-roofed patio and dig into such faves as No. 16, the Super-Rica Especial, a tasty mix of marinated, grilled pork and roasted chile pasilla stuffed with gooey melted cheese. Portions are small so try two or three dishes. Do ask for extra tortillas, but don't ask for burritos—they don't make 'em. To drink, it's a cold Mexican beer or agua fresca. Tip: It's cash only here.