The immediate surroundings of Caserta boast a few worthwhile archaeological and historic destinations that are unspoiled by international tourism: the ruins of ancient Roman Capua (in the town of Santa Maria Capua Vetere) and its fluvial harbor Casilinium (in the town of Capua), Capua's cathedral, as well as the Basilica di Sant'Angelo in Formis, with its magnificent 11th-century frescoes. All of these attractions make easy day trips from Caserta.

Santa Maria Capua Vetere & Its Amphitheater

6.5km (4 miles) W of Caserta; 24km (15 miles) NW of Naples

Now a suburb of modern Caserta, the small town of Santa Maria Capua Vetere is what remains of glorious Capua, the ancient Roman city that, in its heyday, was second only to Rome. Its imposing monuments are proof of the prosperity it enjoyed in ancient times.