Dedicated to Santa Maria Maggiore, the core of this church was built in A.D. 432 by Capua's bishop Saint Simmaco over the town's catacombs by the Grotto of Saint Prisco; Arechi II added the two external naves in A.D. 787. When it was restored in 1666, the apse was completely rebuilt. The interior is quite suggestive, with five naves supported by columns topped with Corinthian capitals taken from the nearby amphitheater and Roman temples. It is richly decorated with Renaissance artwork, including a carved cyborium located in the chapel at the end of the right-hand nave, and a wooden choir in the apse. Our favorite chapels are the ones opening off the left-hand nave -- gated Cappella del Conforto, with a beautiful altar in colored marble inlay, and Cappella della Morte, featuring more notable inlay work at the end of the nave.