Walk east on Moneda Street from the Plaza Constitución, and you'll immediately notice a marked increase in business suits -- this is the financial apex of Santiago, home to the city's Stock Market (Bolsa de Comercio). The Stock Market occupies one of Santiago's most architecturally interesting buildings, a 1917 triangular stone French-style edifice, built of Roman pillars and topped with an elegant dome cupola. Few people are aware that you can observe the stock-market action Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm (you'll need to leave your passport or photo ID at the door), even though much of the romantic air of the building's interior has been upgraded with cold technology. Surrounding the Bolsa are the sinuous, cobblestone streets of Nueva York, La Bolsa, and Club de la Unión -- if you're downtown, you won't want to miss a stroll through these picturesque streets.