Built in 1912 on reclaimed land formed by the canalization of the Río Mapocho, this beautiful, Beaux Arts building served as the train station for the Santiago-Valparaíso railway until the late 1970s, and it was built as part of the country's 100-year celebration. After a decade of abandonment, the Chilean government invited architects to sketch a renovation of the building as part of a contest, and the building was redesigned as a four-story, grand cultural center with a 40-ton copper, marble, and glass roof and seats made of Oregon pine. The center hosts events such as rock concerts and the International Book Fair, and within its handful of salons, visitors can view exhibitions of local art and a permanent installation of the popular "Painted Bodies," visit an arts-and-crafts store, and grab a coffee at one of two cafes. The Metro station Cal y Canto is also here, making this a perfect stop before visiting the Mercado Central.