Founded by one of the sons of Chilean textile mogul Jorge Yarur Bascuñán, the Museo de la Moda is an intriguing hybrid: part historic home, part popular history museum. Set in the 1960s-era family home, and clearly inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, it allows visitors a peek at the high life of the swinging sixties. (The bar room—yes, this home had one—-looks like a set from Mad Men). Fashion comes into play with the display of pieces of Bascuñán's collection, often exquisite pieces of apparel dating back to the 17th century. The displays usually revolve around a theme and mix items with borrowed clothing. Recent temporary exhibitions explored the wardrobe of style icon Princess Diana and the legacy of Chilean designer Marcos Correa. Important: In between exhibits, the museum closes, often for months at a time, so visit the website to make sure it will be open when you visit.