Most restaurants have a table or two that could be considered "Siberia." Set next to the bathroom or right where a blast of kitchen heat hits them, they're the least pleasant places to dine in the restaurant. Casaluz, unfortunately, has an entire section that fits into that category. The decor is fine—the entire restaurant is set in a handsome old house with tall ceilings and lots of wood detailing—but if a doctor were to light his waiting room as brightly, the patients would complain of eye fatigue. Or it might be that this interior section suffers greatly in comparison with the magical garden out back where the luckiest patrons get to dine. Looped over with twinkling lights set in the boughs of lush trees, it may be one of the most romantic spots in all of Santiago. So be sure, when you get your online reservation, to specify that you want a garden table or you may be disappointed. Both areas get the same food, of course: expertly prepared Spanish fare. All the classics, like patatas bravas and fried goat cheese, are well executed, but those who are willing to be a bit adventurous are rewarded (the black pudding is exquisite, as is the spicy grilled octopus). Along with tapas, Casaluz serves a range of hearty main dishes, from roast meats to pastas.