Just 15 minutes north and slightly east of Sanur is the Bali Bird Park. The main priority of the park, other than breeding, is that all birds taken in are given the opportunity to return to the wild. The birds have their own, well-tended environment, sympathetic to their natural habitat with different species mixed together. There are some 2,000 varieties of plants alone, and 250 different species of birds with over 1,000 birds in total. Among the rarer species are six varieties of the famed bird of paradise, which until recently were only found in a few remote islands in Papua. Other wildlife include some of the world’s most endangered species, the Bali starling, along with the Javan hawk, the cassowary, various types of eagle, and even a few komodo dragons. Don’t forget to catch at least one of the free spectacular bird shows that run through the day. The cafe has Western and Indonesian food, and sells some of the tastiest ice cream, all made on the island; the juices are also worth every penny.