Located on swanky Rua Oscar Freire, São Paulo's Rodeo Drive, the Emiliano Hotel is for those who love to be seen enjoying the finer things in life. Guests are pampered from the moment they walk through the glass doors of this stylish 57-room boutique hotel. Friendly, attentive staff offer personalized check-in service, and guests' preferences are kept on file for future visits. If you like, a butler will help you unpack your suitcase in the beautifully furnished, spacious rooms. Even the most standard room is equipped with the latest technology, including a flat-screen LCD TV, a DVD player, digital surround sound, and fast wireless Internet. The bed is made up with 500-thread Egyptian cotton sheets, and pillows are stuffed with Hungarian goose down. The Italian marble bathrooms feature a bathtub, a pressurized massaging shower head, a heated toilet seat, and the largest fluffy towels that you've ever seen. Other delicious complimentary treats that await guests include a 15-minute shiatsu massage, a bottle of wine, and a daily fruit-and-patisserie plate. The Emiliano is also home to an excellent Italian restaurant, a Champagne and caviar bar, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a spa. And for those trying to make a quick entrance or exit, there's even a helipad. Just remember to tell the butler so he can have your bags ready.