Award-winning Arabia serves up delicious Middle Eastern cuisine based on the family recipes of chef Leila Youssef Kuczynski, whose family hails from Lebanon. The large menu lists many well-known favorites, such as falafel (fried chickpea patties), hummus (chickpea paste), baba ganoush (grilled eggplant dip), and kafta (grilled ground beef). The daily specials, such as zucchini stuffed with ground beef and rice, or roasted half chicken with a tangy couscous salad, are also worth trying. The R$43 executive three-course lunch menu allows guests to choose a savory appetizer, a cold dish—a salad, hummus or baba ganoush—and a hot entree. Also recommended is the Moroccan couscous that serves two: the saffron-flavored couscous is served with vegetables, lamb stew, and spicy Moroccan sausages.