Alex Atala, Brazil's most famous chef, is best known for his restaurant DOM, hailed as the top restaurant in South America. However, for those who don't like to reserve ahead of time and wish to spend a little less on a meal, there's a much more affordable way to get the full Alex Atala experience. Opened in 2009, Dalva e Dito is Atala's tribute to Brazilian comfort food, where he transforms traditional Brazilian dishes and ingredients that often go unappreciated by chefs into culinary delights. The spacious dining room evokes a rustic country setting, with earthy tones, plants, and plenty of Brazilian artwork, including a magnificent blue-and-white tile mural by artist Athos Bulcão. The floor-to-ceiling glass kitchen walls give diners a peek at the culinary action. Peruse the menu as you nibble on the delectable couvert (R$25), a selection of freshly baked bread, roasted garlic, spicy peppers, eggplant compote, and bean dip. Main courses include traditional favorites such as oxtail with watercress, roasted pork with mashed potatoes and pequi (an apricot-like fruit from the Brazilian savanna), and roasted chicken or steak with fried onions. You'll also find excellent seafood options on the menu, such as grilled Pirarucu fish with cashew-nut vinaigrette and vegetable ratatouille, Bahian moqueca stew with shrimp and fish in coconut milk and red palm oil, roasted cod, and grilled octopus. Don't let the simplicity of these dishes fool you! In Atala's expert hands, home-cooked staples are elevated to a whole new level. For dessert, order a Romeu e Julieta—the perfect marriage of sweet guava paste with savory soft cheese—or sample a selection of ice cream or sorbet made with Brazilian fruit.