For a special night, wow your dining partner with a table under the branches of a magnificent 130-year-old fig tree that forms the centerpiece of Figueira Rubaiyat's front dining room. The restaurant also has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its couvert (the food brought to your table after you sit down, for which there is often a fee). While most restaurants serve up a simple bread basket with a few nibbles, Figueira Rubaiyat offers a stunning platter with grilled vegetables, marinated fish and octopus, cold cuts, fresh mozzarella cheese, and more. (Waiters will also come by with a variety of freshly baked breads that are impossible to resist.) The kitchen specializes in grilled steak and seafood. The beef is particularly outstanding, produced on the Rubaiyat's owner's family cattle ranch. However, shrimp and fish are also expertly prepared and are delicious. For dessert, help yourself to an enormous buffet table laden with fruit, pastries, cakes, and mousses. Even a simple espresso at the end of the meal is a culinary feast, accompanied by a tray of petit fours. Tip: Call ahead to reserve a table under the fig tree, but try to avoid sitting too close to the entrance, where smokers often gather.