Behind an unassuming door lies one of São Paulo's most beautiful dining venues. Káa is an immense space with a soaring glass ceiling; the high back wall is covered with thousands of plants, forming a 200-foot-long living garden. Designed by architect Arthur Casas, no stranger to creating beautiful restaurants, Káa received a 2010 design award from Wallpaper Magazine. Fortunately, the restaurant is much more than a feast for the eyes. In 2013, chefs Salvatore Loi and Paulo Barroso de Barros completely revamped the menu, changing it from French cuisine to Italian. A few favorite dishes, such as steak tartare, remain, but new additions include outstanding pasta dishes, such as ravioli stuffed with camembert and fresh figs in butter and sage, and rich and creamy slipper lobster risotto with lemon and fresh tomato. Heartier selections include veal shank confit with polenta, and grilled flank steak with red-wine sauce and mushroom tagliarini. The wine list is presented on an iPad and includes several interesting choices by the glass. For dessert, choose from classic Italian options, like panna cotta with fresh vanilla, or typical Brazilian sweets, such as coconut mousse with custard cream. An affordable way to enjoy this restaurant is the executive lunch menu, served weekdays. For just R$68, you get a basket of delicious, freshly baked breads, a choice of appetizer, and a main course.