To satisfy a hankering for a perfectly grilled steak, head to this small Vila Madalena eatery that serves up Argentinian beef. The dozen tables in this cozy restaurant sit on a shaded veranda, so it's not the best destination on a cold or rainy day, but they fill up quickly during pleasant weather. The menu is delightfully compact and focuses on excellent cuts of meat—everything else is merely a side dish. There are several classic Brazilian and Argentinean cuts that differ a bit from cuts familiar to Americans or Europeans, such as bife de chorizo (sirloin), picanha (top sirloin), and maminha (rump skirt). Lamb and asado de tira (grilled beef ribs) also feature on the menu. All are barbecued to perfection—they're best served rare to medium-rare—and come in 300- or 450-gram servings. If you plan on having an appetizer, such as empanadas, a plate of olives and cold cuts, grilled eggplant, or grilled sausage, the 300-gram serving will be plenty for two people. Steaks come with a large bowl of green salad, but you can order additional side dishes a la carte. Roasted and sweet potatoes with thyme or grilled vegetables are perfect accompaniments for the steak. The meal practically begs for a glass of red wine, and the excellent wine list offers several affordable Argentinean and Chilean reds, as well as more high-end Australian, French, and South African vintages.