Even after more than 15 years, Mestiço remains one of my favorite restaurants in São Paulo. I've never been disappointed by the friendly staff or the efficient kitchen that consistently serves up delicious Asian-fusion fare, including some excellent Thai dishes and great vegetarian options. I usually start out with an order of krathong thong, crisp dough baskets filled with ground chicken and corn, or Thai coconut soup, and follow that with spicy lemongrass shrimp and squid, served on a bed of greens. My main course is usually either an excellent Thai curry with chicken and pumpkin, or pad Thai. The menu also includes plenty of other options, such as grilled fish, beef stir-fry, grilled steak, pasta, and more. The restaurant has a small wine list, but I highly recommend trying one of the fusion caipirinhas with lychee, or combinations of star fruit, passion fruit, and mango, or lime, grapes, and kiwi. The restaurant's lengthy opening hours allow me to eat here almost anytime I want, even on Sunday evenings or Mondays, when many of my other favorite eateries are closed. The sleek, modern dining room is decorated with elegant wood panels, and a selection of interesting artwork graces the walls. Santé!