This popular Chinese noodle restaurant is a favorite lunchtime destination for hungry Paulistas. The restaurant's best-selling dish is the noodle stir-fry. Watch through the glass window as the cook prepares the noodles by hand, kneading and pulling apart the dough that's made from scratch. The noodles are then lightly pan-fried and are served with your choice of beef, chicken, seafood, or veggies. Efficient waiters bring out generous portions that easily feed two to three people. Start your meal with an order of crispy fried spring rolls or a bowl of hot-and-sour soup, served piping hot with big chunks of tofu, cloud ear mushrooms, fresh bamboo shoots, and green peas. The original Rong He is located in the Japanese neighborhood of Liberdade, but this dining room in Paraiso boasts a brighter, more pleasant dining room with high ceilings and pale-colored walls.