Liberdade, São Paulo's Japanese neighborhood, is home to dozens of Japanese restaurants. Among these, Sushi-Lika stands out for its bright, modern dining room and the freshness and quality of its sushi and sashimi. It's best to come during midday, when the neighborhood is packed with shoppers and office workers, and the restaurant offers a very affordable lunch menu. For less than R$40, choose from specials such as udon noodle soup, teppanyaki (sautéed beef and vegetables), sushi and sashimi combinations, noodles with vegetables, and grilled salmon or chicken with vegetables and rice or noodles. However, for the restaurant's best offerings, belly up to the sushi bar and ask the sushi chef for recommendations. Try the tobiko sushi—salty, crunchy flying-fish roe on a small bed of rice, wrapped up in crispy seaweed. And if it's available, be sure to taste toro, the fatty and most prized part of the tuna. The sashimi will melt on your tongue.