Chef Mara Salles takes guests on a delicious tour around the country in Tordesilhas, her charming restaurant in a small house decorated with warm colors, exposed white beams, and hardwood floors, making you feel as if you are stepping into a cozy living room. An avid researcher, Salles has vast culinary experience, and it shows both in her creations of modern Brazilian cuisine and her presentations of traditional dishes. Start off with a classic Brazilian appetizer of deep-fried Amazonian fish dumplings, or a cup of black bean broth, served with crispy, fried pork rinds. Main courses include some of the best-known Brazilian dishes: moqueca (fish-and-shrimp stew with coconut milk and palm oil), barreado (beef stew, simmered for over 12 hours in a clay pot), and carne de sol (beef served with a bean vinaigrette and roasted cassava flour). From the north of Brazil, choose from a duck dish with Tucupi sauce, or several grilled Amazonian fish dishes. On Saturdays, Tordesilhas serves traditional feijoada, black bean stew with all of the trimmings. The drink list also showcases the best of Brazil, with a selection of fruit juices, Brazilian beers, caipirinhas, cachaça, and a full page dedicated to Brazilian wines.