This is the oldest Catholic Church in Georgia, dating back to 1799, though the current Victorian Gothic incarnation, with its distinctive twin spires, was rebuilt in 1900 after a devastating fire (work went on for another 13 years). The whole cathedral was completely renovated between 1998 and 2000, with each of the 24 Renaissance-style murals by local artist Christopher Murphy (completed 1912), painstakingly restored, a new altar and baptismal font fashioned out of Carrara marble, and a new pulpit featuring engravings of the four evangelists (this was rebuilt in 2004 after an arson attack). Inside, you’ll also see marble railings, 1904 stained-glass windows from Austria, large carved wooden Stations of the Cross (created in Munich, Germany, and installed in 1900), and a 2,081-pipe Noack tracker organ (1987).