Expect the unexpected here -- and prepare to be challenged in your concept of what constitutes art. The focus of the Henry Art Gallery, on the west side of the UW campus, is on contemporary art with retrospectives of individual artists, as well as exhibits focusing on specific themes or media. The museum has large, well-lit gallery spaces illuminated by pyramidal and cubic skylights that can be seen near the main entrance. Photography and video are both well represented, and for the most part, the exhibits are the most avant-garde in the Seattle area. The museum's permanent Skyspace installation, by James Turrell, who uses light to create his artwork, is worth the price of admission if you're the contemplative type. The Skyspace is a small room with an oval ceiling opening that frames the sky; at night, the outside of the glass Skyspace is illuminated by an ever-changing light show. The museum also has a cafe and a small sculpture courtyard. Parking is often available at the Central Parking Garage, at Northeast 41st Street and 15th Avenue Northeast.