It may not have the most exciting name, but there is nothing dull about this museum. It’s a great way to learn about Northwest and Seattle history through fascinating, often hands-on exhibits, historic photos and films, and some wonderful artifacts. Every aspect of Seattle’s cultural, scientific, and industrial history is covered, from pre-Great Fire Seattle (in 1889 the city was reduced to ashes), through the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897, the founding of Boeing and the aerospace industry, right up to the arrival of Microsoft and Amazon (where else, but in the Bezos Center for Innovation?). This is a large museum, and not everything here will interest you, but it’s not just a granny’s attic of dusty memorabilia by any stretch. Look up and you’ll see one of the first hydroplanes used in the yearly Seafair boat races (these boats can reach speeds of 200mph), look over and you’ll encounter one of the earliest computers. It’s engaging and engrossing. In 2013, MOHAI moved to the historic Naval Reserve Building on the shores of Lake Union.