Hotel Max is sexy and arty and has a loose-fitting European sensibility geared towards travelers under 40…and the young at heart. There’s a complimentary beer tasting every night; and for fans of Seattle’s pop/grunge scene, there’s the Sub Pop floor, decorated with photos and memorabilia by Charles Peterson, who followed and photographed the bands Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. The rooms on this floor come with a selection of vintage LPs that you can play on an honest-to-garsh turntable. The rest of the rooms manage the smart trick of being both efficient and sexy, if not quite as cool as the Sup Pop digs, with works by contemporary Pacific Northwest artists on dark gray walls and jolts of bright orange and red accent colors on the beds. The eye-popping red is also used in the bathrooms with their stainless-steel vanities and, in many rooms, separate toilet and tiled shower areas. The only potential drawback in this hotel is that heat and air conditioning come from window-mounted units; on the plus side, this is one of the few hotels where you can open the windows to catch those sweet summertime breezes. Refashioned from a 1927 hotel, it’s just a couple of blocks north of all the major downtown action. The hotel’s partner restaurant, Miller’s Guild, serves outstanding cocktails and grilled meats.