The hotel occupies a unique heritage property that was built 1918 as housing to house horse-and-carriage blacksmiths while they were being trained to work in a nearby Ford plant. It was turned into a hotel in 1998, and it's rich with creaking floors, patterned wallpaper, and a classic atmosphere. Each room is a really small apartment with separate kitchenette (complete with built-in dining nook) and a small living area separated from the sleeping area. The furnishings are comfortable period reproductions; the bathrooms are small but perfectly adequate. The MarQueen is in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, completely safe and close to lots of cafes, inexpensive restaurants and easy public transportation, but this is not the swankiest part of town (there's a tattoo parlor across the street). I’d recommend this place for anyone interested in staying in an unusual and reasonably priced hotel with some real character to it.