A prime draw to this hotel is where you'll find it: at the western edge of downtown, only a block from both Pike Place Market and the water on 1st Ave. Upper-level floors have terrific views. As part of the fast-growing Thompson brand, which cut its teeth in Toronto and Manhattan, the hotel's ethic is style that isn't too off-putting, and a sense of luxury without the expensive fittings that would inflate the price too much. Rooms have floor-to-ceiling glass (don't walk around naked!), and the "corner studios" have the best views, particularly the units higher than the sixth floor. ("City View" rooms face a dull courtyard.) The downstairs restaurant, Scout, has gained a following for its quality presentation of area ingredients, including seafood from the Sound and mushrooms from the Cascades—it's a solid meal, which is not always the case at trendy hotels. On the roof, meanwhile, The Nest is an indoor-outdoor high-end cocktailerie that attracts plenty of well-to-do young professionals (who clog the elevators at peak drinking hours). We had some issues with housekeeping skipping some cleaning tasks, but that could have been an isolated case. Overall, the whole package is stylish without haughty exclusivity. Resort fee warning: $12 per night