Though Asian influence is common in the Seattle culinary world, there is nothing common about the cuisine at Joule. a little gem about 15 minutes from downtown Seattle by car. Opened to acclaim in 2007, Joule made its name by using French culinary techniques on typically Asian ingredients. It has retained its French-inspired culinary flair but has now re-invented itself as a Korean steakhouse serving nontraditional cuts of beef with innovative side dishes that blend Asian and American flavors. That means short rib steak with grilled kimchi, or a wagyu hanger steak with smoky pineapple (and by the way, the price for these steaks is fairly low by steakhouse standards, running around $24). If steak is not on your to-eat list, there are rice and noodle dishes (the chilled sesame noodles are first-rate, so is the spicy rice cake with chorizo and pickled mustard greens). The weekend brunch for $19 includes a selection of dishes from a monthly rotating buffet menu and one dish from the kitchen. The only downside: Joule’s clean-lined contemporary dining room has side-by-side tables that don’t allow for much privacy.