For a fun Seattle adventure, hop in the water taxi at the Seattle Ferry Terminal on the waterfront, take the 10-minute ride over to Alki Beach in West Seattle, and have lunch, dinner, or weekend brunch at Salty’s. A big and perennially popular restaurant, it has one eye-popping view: from the dining room and outdoor decks overlooking Elliot Bay, you look back and see the downtown towers of The Emerald City gleaming in the sunshine (or peeking through the mist and rain, this being Seattle). Salty’s is especially famous for its weekend brunch buffet, laden with fresh seafood and sweet specialties like gingerbread pancakes and a chocolate fountain that will leave you reeling with a sugar high. The other time-honored tradition here is a sunset dinner—hopefully on a clear summer evening—but for that you’ll find the food is overpriced and not very subtle. A better option is to explore Alki Beach and stop in at Salty’s Café-Bar afterwards for a happy hour (Mon-Fri 3-6pm, Sat-Sun 4-6pm) glass of wine and a nosh that costs half what it would at dinner.